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All Saints Reformed Presbyterian Church began as a church plant of Stony Point Presbyterian Church. We had our first worship service together on June 24, 1984 in a church building that had been built in 1922, which we were able to purchase a few years later.  


Over the years the Lord blessed us with strong expository preaching from Howard Griffith who was our founding pastor and continued as our Senior Pastor for almost 23 years. In 2003 we called Dennis Bullock as our Associate Pastor and after Dr. Griffith went on to teach at Reformed Theological Seminary in 2007, we called Pastor Bullock as our Senior Pastor, a role that he has continued in to this day.


In 2016, we called Steve Moulson as our Assistant Pastor to help us plant a new church in the Richmond area. We chose the historic Church Hill area of Richmond for the plant location. We acquired an older church building and worship services began in September of 2019. Fifty of our members were sent with the new plant and they currently have over 100 in worship each Sunday. For more information about the plant see

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